10 May 2021

EHS software for SMEs

It’s not only taken time, money, but everything you’ve got to ensure your small medium enterprise (SME) reaches new heights in a very unstable and unpredictable time. But are you sure you’ve done everything you can where risk management is concerned? Every business is different but with EHS software for SMEs in your corner, you’re assured that you are optimising your chances of success and avoiding a possible setback.

An EHS management programme in the workplace helps prevent injuries at work. SMEs are responsible for providing a work place which is safe and conducive to good work.

SMEs should carefully consider their EHS management processes.  Below are some of the benefits of including EHS software for SMEs in your business strategy arsenal.

Increased level of knowledge and awareness
SMEs may be unaware of EHS regulations or may even consider them barriers due to a lack of understanding. However, building an effective EHS strategy incorporating business procedures enables the business to streamline their work flow with safety in mind, avoiding lost time through accidents and better protecting the workforce.

Implementing at management and decision-making level
Informal management structures, combined with the spatial and social proximity of workers, makes implementing formal EHS standards and routines challenging. In some cases, the owner/manager is on the ground as a worker themselves which could result in resources being funnelled to preferred avenues prioritised over EHS.

EHS software can take the headache out of audits, reports, incident management and risk assessment through the use of workflows and dashboards. Manually dealing with all of the EHS documentation and data while trying to run a business can be daunting and time-consuming but taking a chance with errors on filings or missing regulatory compliance deadlines can result in fines and/or delays.

EHS software has the ability to analyse performance and churn out reports for you and includes the tools to track and monitor your specific EHS requirements. This will include but isn’t limited to important permits, training initiatives, risk issues, and even maintenance.

Dedicating trained resources to oversee EHS standards
Restricted by budget, EHS software can become a costly exercise and yet, SMEs should be more conscious of compliance because they have less staff on the premises. Regularly, the result is that the human resources department or another member of staff has to take ownership of EHS, a complicated and highly specialised area of expertise.

That one resource might not be enough and might need EHS software on a daily basis. Conveniently, SMEs can also take the decision to approach a consultant to take over in this case.

Ensuring enforcement and compliance
An effective EHS management programme can not only save a SME money by lowering costs, but also increase productivity, and increase employee morale. It’s a process businesses want to implement correctly with trained/seasoned professionals and the right EHS software. Maintaining compliant operations is vital to any business.

Investment in EHS software for SMEs gives management the tools necessary to remain compliant and protect their staff and interests. With this software, small businesses maintain risk management procedures that keep staff safe, improve compliance, and stick to the protocols.

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