COVID-19 Management Module

Get back to business fast with the EHSCloud smart COVID-19 risk management toolkit.

Monitoring and managing COVID-19 in the workplace is going to be front and centre for months, potentially years, ahead. Do you have the software in place to drive your COVID-19 return to work strategy and ensure compliance to new requirements off a single user-friendly dashboard?

The advanced, cloud-based EHSCloud software gives you everything from staff health screening and planning modules, through to incident management tools and trend analysis capability all managed via the web interface.

Key benefits

  • The ability to screen staff before they come back to work.
  • Real time reports to reduce delays in the event of an outbreak.
  • A simple dashboard to manage all EHS functions.


EHSCloud’s COVID-19 management subscription includes:

Risk Management
PPE Register
Predictive Analytics

Mitigate business continuity risk

EHSCloud delivers real-time, consolidated data across the entire environment, allowing management to intervene immediately, so limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the risk of downtime and the potential closure of entire facilities.



Reduce risk by sending staff a COVID-19 pre-work questionnaire via a mobile web form. Notify pre-defined stakeholders should a metric fall outside of the set parameters. This data is available live via a dashboard and can be accessed from any device in any location, as long as you have an internet connection.

Exposure and risk management

Conduct risk assessments and manage these from your risk management module. COVID-19 presents a huge amount of risks to the business. The integration between risk assessment and the audit, inspection and incident management processes, together with the dashboards, ensures that risk registers are current and relevant.


Manage COVID-19 incidents effectively and analyse trends. Capture incident records – including photos and videos – using your mobile device or PC.  Track GPS coordinates, record details with voice to text recognition. Allocate and manage actions and time-frames using the EHSCloud incident management module.

PPE Register

Control and track all PPE distributed to staff to avoid theft and duplicate distribution.  



Click and drill down into data in all the modules. Pick up trends, identify strengths, and gain organisational oversight at the click of a button. Follow compliance in real-time, with dashboards accessible from anywhere.


Track which staff have attended a COVID-19 workshop, whether they understand how to use their PPE and if they know what to do should they be symptomatic. Keep an electronic register of all training and set expiry/repeat dates for new training. 

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Health and Safety officers under pressure to manage a safe return to work

With COVID-19 information, guidelines and regulations continually changing, Environment, Health and Safety officers will have to take a cautious, well organised approach to planning for employees’ return to work.